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office etiquette: what to know before you bring your pet to work

office etiquette: what to know before you bring your pet to work

The benefits of bringing your pet to work with you are undeniable and more and more offices are going to the dogs. Here are some tips to ensure you and Fido have a good day at the office:

At home

Make sure your pet friend is well-behaved before considering bringing him to work with you. He’ll need to respond to basic commands, especially a command like ‘settle,’ in which he lies down and relaxes. Having an unruly pup in the office is not fun for you or your co-workers. So if your pet isn’t ready for his office debut, it’s better to leave Fido at home or consider doggie daycare while you’re away.

Prep the office

Before bringing your pup into your workspace, take some precautions to make sure he doesn’t get into unnecessary trouble. Take the trash out, secure power cords and make sure your pooch can’t access anything he shouldn’t.

Make a space

It’s important your pet feels comfortable and safe in this new environment, so let him know he has a space in your office. You can bring along his dog bed, a blanket or even his kennel. If you prefer to let you pooch roam free, consider setting up gates. This will keep your pooch safe from areas he shouldn’t visit, but allow him more freedom than a tether to your desk.

Try a trial

If you’re unsure about how your pup will respond to a day in the office, bring him in for a test before you commit to an entire day. Give Fido a chance to sniff around and explore, after hours, when you don’t have to worry about disrupting coworkers. When he’s ready for a full day, he’ll be familiar with the space and less likely to act out in anxiety.

Keep him entertained

Bring lots of goodies for your pet. Not only will this help him think of the office as a fun, rewarding place, but it will also keep him busy enough for you to get your work done. Toys, puzzles, bones and treats are all great options. Keep fresh water on hand and make sure you take frequent breaks. An office-accident is no fun for anyone.