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protein: the more the merrier?

protein: the more the merrier?

No question about it, protein is the basic building block for life. But like most good things, there’s a case to be made for moderation.

Although it’s widely believed that feeding more than the recommended amount of protein has no adverse effects, too much protein can accumulate as fat and lead to potential weight problems for your dog.

That’s why Sojos raw dog food mixes follow AAFCO guidelines. Specifically, the standards call for 22-32% protein for growing puppies, 15-30% for adult dogs (depending on activity level), and 25-35% for pregnant and lactating females.

Beyond quantity, it’s also important to look for protein that’s both high quality and easily digestible. Sojos Complete mixes, for example, use only raw, USDA-approved, free-range turkey, beef, lamb and goat. And because it’s gently freeze-dried, the natural digestive enzymes are protected—ensuring that all the nutrients are easily absorbed (bioavailable).

Finally, if you’d like to customize the amount and type of meat your dog eats, Sojos Original and Grain-Free Pre-Mixes let you select your own protein source—while ensuring that it’s complemented with a healthy balance of fruits and veggies.