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rotating diets

rotating diets

Apart from the moment you open the door and arrive home, mealtime can be the most exciting time of day for your pet. How do you keep up his enthusiasm? Try adding variety by rotating diets.

Keep it interesting. And healthy.

Serving the same feed-quality dog food day after day can lead to serious food allergies and intolerances. Not to mention, your pal could easily get bored and lose interest in mealtime! Rotating naturally nutritious recipes like Sojos will banish boredom, and add a healthy array of human-quality ingredients he hasn’t had before.

Transition slowly.

When your dog’s been eating the same food for months, or even years, it’s important to introduce change gradually. Choose a brand with a variety of similar recipes, and make sure the food is raw and nutrient rich. It’s best to start by adding just a dollop or two of the new recipe to your dog’s current meal. Then gradually increase the amount over 7-10 days.

In time, you can include two or three new diets. At that point, your dog may no longer need any transition time at all. How often you alternate recipes will depend on your preferences—and of course, your dog’s. Some choose to rotate daily, while others wait two or three months before introducing a new variety.

With a choice of turkey, beef, lamb or goat, shelf-stable Sojos Complete is just right for easy rotation. Each is formulated to meet the needs of all life stages. And with raw, all natural ingredients, they not only pack a serious nutritional punch, they’re insanely delicious.