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shed happens: natural tips for shedding

shed happens: natural tips for shedding

There’s no such thing as a non-shedding dog, just like there’s no such thing as a non-shedding human! Shedding is a natural process for your pup—it’s how he ditches old or damaged hair. Though certain breeds definitely lose more fur than others (think Huskies, Pugs or Newfoundlands), shedding is just part of having a furry friend.

Here are some tips to help you make the most of a hairy situation:

Get brushing

Regular brushing will help your pet shed fur more than he’s able to on his own. Bonus, brushing will make your pup’s coat softer, cleaner and less likely to shed in the future! Make sure you’ve got the right tools for your dog’s breed. A bristle brush will work for almost all coats, but your groomer or Holistic Vet should be able to make recommendations based on your pup’s unique coat.

Choose the right food

You are what you eat and a healthy diet makes for a healthy coat. When your pup eats a diet filled with fillers, preservatives and other like ingredients, he’ll have a harder time growing healthy fur. Try an all-natural dog food that’s filled with fresh ingredients, like Sojos, so Fido’s skin and coat can thrive. Look for a quality lean protein; your pup’s fur depends on protein to grow strong and healthy. If you’re looking for an extra boost, you can add healthy fats to his diet. Throw an egg on top of his meal or scoop some avocado for a snack. Just like with humans, healthy fats are essential for healthy hair.

Allergies matter

When your pup’s experiencing a food allergy, his skin and fur are likely the first things affected and often cause your pup to lose more fur than is natural. If you notice your pup is itching, scratching or has developed a rash, a food allergy may be the culprit. As mentioned previously, a healthy diet filled with all-natural ingredients is the best defense against skin and coat problems. Consult your Holistic Vet for allergy-specific recommendations, though many allergies stem from low-quality kibbles. Once switching to a nutrient-packed diet like Sojos, your pup likely won’t experience the same reaction he had to a lesser quality diet.

Alleviate stress

If your pooch seems to be shedding more than normal, stress may be the cause. When in a new situation, activity or location, your pup may react poorly to uncertainty and deal with it by shedding. Creating daily routines for Fido and gradually introducing him to new situations can help your furry friend stay stress-free and help your home stay fur-free!

Avoid chemical-ridden products and de-shedding washes, as they can agitate your pup’s skin and cause more harm than help. Instead, follow tips and invest in a lint roller!