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slow down: how to help your dog take his time at mealtime

slow down: how to help your dog take his time at mealtime

Does your dog wolf down his meal in a matter of seconds? Many dogs love food—cry for treats—beg for a bite and go absolutely bananas at mealtime.

The fresh ingredients in Sojos all-natural raw dog foods can be absolutely tantalizing for your furry friend, so it’s no wonder he’s ready to scarf it down ASAP! Excitement is totally normal, but when your dog eats his breakfast in a few seconds flat, it might be time to try and slow him down.

Inhaling a meal too quickly can cause your pet to experience an upset stomach, excessive gas, indigestion or vomiting. In the worst cases, he may bloat, which is a serious medical condition that requires immediate treatment. Here are some things to try when your pooch eats too quickly:

Portion his food

If you feed your dog one meal a day, try portioning it into smaller servings. He’ll have less food at each meal, which is good for his tummy, and he may feel less excited, since he gets fed more frequently. Try to keep your furry friend as calm as possible before eating. Have him sit and wait next to his food dish before you release him with an ‘ok.’ It’s great obedience practice and will put him in a calmer state of mind before chow time.

Add an obstacle

Try placing a feeding ball in your dog’s food dish. Having a moving obstacle in the dish will force your pal to slow down and focus. The size of your dog will, naturally, determine the size ball you should use. For small dogs, a golf ball can work well. For larger dogs, look for a stainless steel bulb, like this one, you can plop in his bowl. Stainless steel is a great option because it’s easily sanitized, even when feeding raw dog food—just throw it in the dishwasher along with your dog’s food dish.

Try a slow-feeder

There are many ready-made slow-feeder products that are great for fast-eating dogs. Slow-feeder dishes are specially designed with raised partitions, domes or other obstacles in the bowl, forcing your dog to maneuver his food out. And, not only will an obstacle course slow down meal-time, these dishes can be a great way to keep your dog’s mind sharp. Kyjen makes several versions for dogs of all sizes. And the Northmate Green feeder is a fun choice, designed to look like grass, your pup needs to sniff out and find his food. Simply spoon your dog’s rehydrated Sojos fresh, raw dog food into his bowl and watch him savor every bite!