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watch those paws: how to care for your cat’s feet

watch those paws: how to care for your cat’s feet

Your cat has impeccable hygiene; she’s constantly licking those paws, grooming herself and keeping squeaky clean. This doesn’t mean you’re off the hook for grooming, though. Keeping her paws healthy is essential for her overall wellbeing. Here are some tips to keep kitty’s kickers in top shape:

Scratch, scratch

Your cat scratches for good reason. This behavior, that can be so destructive, is actually important in keeping her nails healthy. When your feline scratches, she’s filing her nails. Scratching a rough surface actually sheds frayed and worn claws, allowing her smoother and sharper under layer to be exposed. If you’re concerned about kitty scratching something she shouldn’t, get her a scratching post! There are many eco-friendly options that will ensure she’s happy, and your furniture is safe!

Trim and proper

You’ll still need to groom your cat’s paws from time to time. If she’s a longer haired feline, trim hair between her paw pads to keep it from matting. Clipping your cat’s nails doesn’t have to be a difficult deed. Start with a relaxing massage and work your way to her toes. Once she is comfortable with you touching her paws, she’ll be much more likely to remain calm during a nail-trim.

Curiosity got the cat

Cats love to explore, especially if you have a cat-door, allowing her access to the backyard any old time. This means, she’s roaming the neighborhood and braving all kinds of terrain. Take a peek at your cat’s paws daily, to ensure she didn’t step in anything while on her nighttime mouse hunt. Glass, pebbles and burrs are common culprits, so check between her paw pads and clean off any debris with a wet washcloth.