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weight loss: what to expect when switching to Sojos

weight loss: what to expect when switching to Sojos

Is it normal for my pet to lose weight when switching to a Sojos diet?

It’s very common for a dog to initially lose weight when making the switch to Sojos. Our mixes are made with entirely natural, whole ingredients, so you can liken it to a person eating a totally ‘clean’ nutritious diet—weight loss is bound to happen! Your pet is finally able to breakdown and digest any fillers from previous food that he was storing around his hips and belly, not easily processed by his body.

Q: How long will it take for my pet to gain weight back?

Over time, your pet will gain that weight back in muscle. This can take anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months, depending on your pet’s unique body and metabolism. What you want to look out for is continued weight loss that seems ongoing, as opposed to the weight finding a stable level and then creeping up from there.

Q: What else can I try?

If your pet continues to lose weight, make sure the food is fully digestible. Try soaking it for a longer period of time—at least overnight. This will make the mix easier for your pet to digest and assimilate nutrients into his body. You can also add lean proteins and fats to the mix as a topper. We love to throw some avocado, cottage cheese, yogurt or fruits and veggies to the top of our mixes for added calories and nutrition.

Q: When should I consult my holistic vet?

As always, make sure you seek the guidance of your vet, as he/she will know how best to advise you in feeding your pet. Look out for extreme weight loss, rapid weight loss and/or prolonged weight loss. Each pet’s body is unique (just like us humans) so your pet may react differently than another dog on the same diet. Keep that in mind and be sure to keep a close watch on your pet’s weight change when switching to a new diet!

For more tips and advice, feel free to contact our Customer Service experts, who are happy to share with you their personal experiences feeding a Sojos diet and answer any other questions you might have. Reach them at: 1-888-867-6567 or