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3 reasons to bring freeze-dried/dehydrated dog food on your next outdoor adventure

3 reasons to bring freeze-dried/dehydrated dog food on your next outdoor adventure

Whether you’re hitting the trail, hiking, biking or backpacking, the next time you bring your four-legged sidekick with you on an adventure, ditch the kibble, leave the cans and don’t even think about lugging along a cooler for that frozen food. Instead, pack freeze-dried/dehydrated dog food, like Sojos Complete or Sojos Wild. Here’s why:

1: It’s lightweight and stays fresh.

Freeze-dried/dehydrated dog food, by definition, has the moisture removed. That means it’s light enough to tuck into your pack—or better yet, your dog’s pack. The only thing easier than carrying dried food yourself, is giving your dog the honor! Click here for tips on choosing a proper pack for your pup.

Remember, when the two of you are trekking, your furry friend needs even more calories than normal—meaning more food. And without the added bulk and water-weight of kibble or canned food, you can pack more than enough to satisfy his big appetite. As long as it’s stored properly (like in a water-resistant container), you can be sure your dog’s daily feasts will stay fresh for the duration of your trip.

2: Re-hydration makes for better hydration.

You wouldn’t dream of hitting the trail without plenty of water—and obviously the same is true for your canine camping companion. So be sure to bring a dish and plenty of fresh water for him to drink. And when mealtime rolls around, feed freshly rehydrated food. You’ll know your dog is not only getting a nutritious meal—he’ll be getting the benefit of that fresh water, too.

3: Superior nutrition.

When you pack snacks for an adventure, you don’t bring along ‘empty’ calories for yourself. Nope, you fill your backpack with plenty of healthy protein and carbs to keep you going from sunup to sundown. The same goes for your dog. Feeding a food packed with fillers, preservatives or additives won’t keep your trail buddy’s tank full. But the real, raw ingredients in freeze-dried/dehydrated dog food and treats will.

So next time you get ready to hit the trail together, pack up plenty of freeze-dried/dehydrated dog food. Then, at the end of every day, just add water, soak and serve a brimming bowlful of goodness before the two of you cozy up to the campfire.