The convenience of kibble

The Nutrition of Raw

Sojos complete and balanced foods combine the easy prep and shelf-stable convenience of kibble with the unsurpassed nutrition offered in real, raw food. The only thing missing is water. When you add it back, the abundance of flavor and natural nutrients spring back to life.

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Raw made easy.

Add water, soak and serve nutritious, delicious raw meals in just minutes.

Raw made affordable.

Every pound of Sojos makes up to 5 lbs. of fresh, raw food. And that adds up to a surprisingly budget-friendly cost per serving.

Raw made safe.

Our gentle, proprietary freeze-drying process makes raw meat safe without heat or chemicals.

Real Pet


Ringo's storyA rescue pup with chronic health issues.

Ringo loves Sojos Wild Venison. His chronic issues and overall health have improved since switching to Sojos!

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Ringo's story

Tina Fey's storyA Frenchie with allergies.

Tina Fey loves Sojos Complete Turkey. She’s less prone to hotspots and skin irritation since switching to Sojos!

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Tina Fey's story

Luna's storyAn injured Beagle.

Luna loves Sojos Wild Venison. After an accident left her unable to exercise, she gained some extra lbs, but is back to her lean, healthy self after switching to Sojos!

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Luna's story

Ripley's storyAn adventurous dog.

Ripley loves Sojos Wild Salmon. He has boundless energy for hiking the trails since switching to Sojos, and a shiny coat to boot!

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Ripley's story

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earth day: dog 'waste'

Dog ‘waste’ is a major concern for the environmentally conscious pet owner. Especially since the 78 million dogs in America produce 10 million TONS of dog ‘waste’ each year. The way you pick up and dispose of your pup’s poo has a major effect on the environment when you consider those stats. Here are some options to make cleanup more ‘green’:

Helping your dog deal with dropping temperatures

We humans are lucky: We have an array of ultra-high-tech winter gear that helps us get through the winter cold. While we’re piling on the socks, thermals, gloves and gaiters, we sometimes assume that because our dogs have fur, they can handle whatever Father Frost throws at him. But cold tolerance, like so many things, varies from breed to breed, and can even be dependent on what your dog’s used to.

A feast fit for Fido.

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect and appreciate those you care most about—and of course, that includes your pets. So, why leave Fido sitting on the sidelines? Here are some Turkey Day staples your pet can indulge in, too:



Embrace the power of pumpkin! We include this great gourd in our many of our recipes. Why? Because pumpkin is packed with fiber and beta-carotene—and can help with an upset tummy and digestion.

Meet some the Friends of the Palm Springs Animal Shelter dogs!

Sojos is sponsoring The Friends of the Palm Springs Animal Shelter (PSAS) as part of our Project Celia initiative—to transform the lives of shelter pets. Several long-time residents at the shelter are seniors, so they’re kicking off their transformations eating our new Complete for Seniors and Simply Meat treats. As Dr. Boone, a volunteer veterinarian of the Shelter said, "It's critical these dogs get the full benefit of a healthy diet for both their food and treats."